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Company Amazon - the world's largest American company selling various goods and services via the Internet. is one of the world's first Internet-based services, selling real goods of mass demand.

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Amazon store - the world's largest American company selling various goods and services via the Internet. Shop is one of the world's first Internet-based services, selling real goods of mass demand.

The company was founded in 1994, the founder - Jeff Bezos. The city of Seattle is the central office A year later, the site was launched. The first few years the only item on the site were books. In 1998, the range has become a bit more varied - on sale there were music CDs and video. And just in time Amazon began selling furniture, clothes, cosmetics, toys, food, electronic equipment, computer games and so on.

Today the Amazon catalog includes 34 categories. In many countries (European priority) has already opened branches of the company. From online book store Amazon has grown into a huge online supermarket where you can buy all kinds of goods. But unlike the traditional hypermarket there is no need to spend a few hours wandering among the shelves, even scored goods, rising from floor to floor, standing in long lines at the box office. Online service of the store took care of the comfort of their clients: here fast enough, you will find the desired product, check the availability of the right size, color, price category. Here you have the opportunity to place an order for a few minutes, as well as by courier, receive the order at the door of your home.

One of the positive characteristics of the site is that shoppers have the opportunity to add comments and suggestions with respect to goods purchased to help other visitors to easily choose the right thing in good quality.

Amazon's US division, which was created first, is today the most popular and most popular affiliate companies. Branches are very vary a lot between: different interface language, the prices of goods and delivery, even a different range of products.

Amazon store may be useful not only for people who want to buy something, but for those who want to make a sale. It is the seller is not only the company: for a fee, merchants can offer to sell their goods. In these cases, the guarantor of successful transactions is Amazon. They check sellers and provide the client's right of return. This was the cause of a very positive reputation online store. Despite the fact that a lot of my friends at least once in a lifetime buying things from Amazon, I never heard from them dissatisfaction and complaints, or story that someone cheated on Amazon.

Why customers choose is Amazon?

The reasons for this choice lie in the following points:

1) huge selection, which can not boast of any one of the supermarkets

2) the absence of taxes and competition among sellers have reduced the price of the goods to a minimum

3) Here you can buy new things and second hand

4) the opportunity to buy branded items at very low prices

5) You can save on shipping by buying multiple items from the same seller (pay-as per parcel)

6) minimum waste of time on product selection and ordering

7) The choice of the method of delivery of goods and simple payment

8) reviews of other online shoppers.

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