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In this article, we will tell you how to make an order with Amazon (websites,,, etc.) with the service purchases Linefor.

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You probably already heard that Amazon -, the largest US online store, and has offices around the world (Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Japan and China, the most popular ,, And, perhaps, already shopped and delivered products from Amazon, buying DVD discs, games, books or small items and clothing. Today we tell about how to remove the restriction for a limited range of goods that can be ordered from the Amazon with shipping to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries, as well as quick and easy to pay for an order at Amazon convenient way for you (by bank transfer, credit cards, money transfers and even bank terminals in Russia, Ukraine, as well as all sorts of electronic currencies, including WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Money.Mail and others).

The first step is to make an order with Amazon (, let's visit the shop, depending on which branch of the Amazon store, we are interested:
US main site Amazon. By default, the US Amazon.
English language. Prices are in dollars.
UK, British division of Amazon,
English language. Prices are in UK Pounds.
Germany, the German division of Amazon.
German language. Prices are in euros.

(we will focus on these three stores Amazon, as Amazon's most popular stores. A full list of stores Amazon (list of all countries) can be found on the main site

Because, for us it does not matter from what is store Amazon will be made an order, we describe the procedure to order the US

1. So, go to the store
2. Select the desired product category or search by product name in English. If you are experiencing difficulty with the English language, please contact us or use online translators (eg,
3. Locate and select the products to order from Amazon, read the description of the goods, the seller provides the Amazon. You do not need to register in the Amazon, to be able to order from Amazon, using the service My.Linefor. You just need to copy the link products Amazon (Amazon) from your web browser's address or other means. For some products, you need to select the color, size or quantity. Therefore, we recommend that when you order from Amazon to copy all the information into a text editor (such as Notepad, Word, etc) in the form:
- A link to the item to be ordered from the Amazon;
- The name of the product on Amazon, and its price, if necessary, the name of the seller of the goods on the Amazon (if multiple sellers of goods or if purchased used goods, Amazon used);
- The color, size, quantity (if this option is available for the product).
Later, this information can be easily used when ordering goods from the Amazon.
4. Go to the ordering system, complete your order and pay by following the instructions of the system.

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