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Online store Amazon today is one of the largest marketplaces online. Initially retailer has specialized in the sale of books only, but eventually began to expand the range of goods. Through this evolved from the bookstore to the supermarket, where you can find everything from children's toys, household goods to clothing and jewelry. In this page you can find all about registration at in short procedure.

Short registration procedure at

Registration procedure at

The first thing you need to do - is to go to the home page of Amazon, namely at

Click the register link to Amazon.

In front of «New Customer?», Click on «Start Here». «My e-mail is» enter your e-mail, in the column «Do you have an password?», Select «No, I am a new customer» and click «Sign in using our secure server».

Fill out the registration form with Latin characters.

My name is: it is your name (first and last name).

My e-mail address: it is e-mail address.

Type it again: it is e-mail again.

Birtday: it is the date of birth. Month, day.

Interested in corporate account: it means a corporate account.

Enter a new password: select your password.

Type it again: Repeat your password.

Click Continue.


You have successfully completed the registration procedure!

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